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Botrytis Affected Optima

Known as “Ambrosia” or “nectar of the Gods”, Quails’ Gate is famous for its’ late harvest Optima. Made in the classic Sauternes style, this wine is elegant, rich, sweet and concentrated. For over 20 years Quails’ Gate has become famous for this wine.

Tasting & Pairing

For over 25 years, Quails’ Gate has grown the Optima grape in a vineyard block close to the lake. We use it to makes a wonderfully unique sweet dessert-style wine, full of honeyed fruit flavours. The 2015 Optima has intense aromas of spring blossoms, poached pears, quince and ripe apricot. The waxy palate is rich and complex with notes of honey and tropical fruit flavours that include guava and mango. The wine is beautifully balanced with vibrant citrus orange acidity and a long lingering finish. We recommend pairing this wine with summer fruit based desserts, blue veined cheeses and rich pâtés and foie gras.


“Botrytis Cinerea” is a mold and micro flora best known for late harvest vinification or “noble rot”. The 2015 Optima was picked slightly later than previous vintages (October 1), coming in a 29 brix at time of harvest. The grapes were displaying significant dehydrated and raisin-like qualities, ideal for our signature Optima. This wine is released when ready for consumption, but will darken in color and develop complex and intense fig, honey and marmalade characteristics with further ageing between five and ten years.

Technical Notes & Pricing

Alc by volume: 10.5%
Total acidity: 11.2 g/l
Residual sweetness: 124 g/l
Sweetness code: 10
SKU code: 390328
UPC code: 778856315097
Date bottled: April, 2016
Case volume: 900

Winery Retail Price: $27.00

Wine Club Price: $24.30